Here is a selection of video & audio examples of Kim’s work as a lead vocalist, backing vocalist and vocal coach. For a more complete list of videos, visit Kim’s YouTube channel:

Video Clips

Solo vocalist on “The Wheel of Time” soundtrack (2021)
Female vocalist on “Penguins of Madagascar” soundtrack (2014, from 2.20)
Lead vocalist on “Merlin” soundtrack (2012)

Co-lead vocalist on “Cemetery Junction” film soundtrack (2010, from 0.45)

Lead vocalist on “Quien es Florinda Bolkan?” film theme tune (2010)

Backing vocalist for the Bee Gees on “Strictly Come Dancing” (BBC1, 2009)

Backing vocalist on “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” (Sky One, 2008)

Vocal coach on “Rock Around The Block” (ITV, 2005)

Backing vocalist for Michael McDonald on “Top of the Pops” (BBC2, 2003)

Backing vocalist for Natalie Cole on “Ask A Woman Who Knows” DVD” (2002)
Backing vocalist for Uriah Heep on “The Magicians Birthday Party” DVD  (2001)
Lead vocalist on “Ocean Girl” soundtrack (1997)

Now see Kim singing from the inside (not for the squeamish)!

Endoscope footage of Kim’s voice demonstrating different voice qualities, taken by ENT surgeon Guri Sandhu, courtesy of the Harley Street ENT Clinic.

Audio Clips

Jingles/Radio Idents
Demo Songs
Backing Vocals
Sleepwalking” – Maria Lawson (X Factor finalist 2005), all backing vocals by Kim Chandler.
Learn To Love Again” – Jo O’Meara (S Club 7), all backing vocals by Kim Chandler.
Everything Changes” – Michelle McManus (Pop Idol Winner 2003), all backing vocals by Kim Chandler.
More Than You’ll Ever Know” – Natalie Cole (Live Concert DVD), all backing vocals by Kim Chandler.
Character Voice Demo
Soundalike – Kate Bush
Soundalike – Julie Andrews-style
Radio jingle – ‘cutesy’ singing and gargling in 3-part harmony
“Arthur Worm” – all voices (including the children’s voices and the giggling)
Radio jingle – American blues-style singing and voice-over
Radio jingle – satirical opera-style
Kid’s products demo
This is a sample of various character voices Kim has provided on children’s educational products
I’m Outta Love” (Anastacia)
Spinning Around” (Kylie Minogue)
Kim’s “Party Trick”
Kim has a rare and unusual talent for singing and whistling in harmony at the same time (yes this is for real!)

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